About us

TC Regional Consultancy doo TC Regional Consultation doo is a consultant company whose team has years of experience in project management, has proved its success in projects from various fields, and is technically capable to contribute to the highest standers and reaching goals set by the Client.


Marina Jovicic

Founder and Director
Marina graduated from the Architectural University in Belgrade, with a major in Calculation and Construction Organization. She began her career as a designer, where she gained knowledge and experience in the design of residential, business and other buildings. Since 2006. she has been developing her career in the field of project management working in a large number of projects for Mace, a British company, where she took on the role of Tenant Coordinator-Team leader, Advisor for Tenant Coordination for shopping malls and business units in South East Europe, and finally the position of the Operations Manager for Montenegro.

Today she leads a team of professionals under TC Regional Consultancy, which is ready to carry out requests of each Client.
Some of the most important project in which she took part are:
  • Delta City shopping malls  in Belgrade and Podgorica
  • Portanova shopping mall in Osijek
  • Kamelija shopping mall in Kotor
  • Capital plaza – residential-business building in Podgorica
  • Belville – residential-business neighbourhood in Belgrade
  • Beyond horizons  touristic complex in Tivat
  • Project Belgrade waterfront in Belgrade
  • Reconstruction of four Clinical Centres in Serbia- Niš, Kragujevac, Novi Sad i Beograd.